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Learn all about bugs

Although bugs may seem scary and harmful, they make up the majority of the world and are actually quite interesting creatures. Not all of them are bad for us!


In fact, most help the world go round, and it may be helpful and interesting to learn more about them. Understanding how they work can help quash any phobias you may have of them, even if some of the phobias are well-founded in your reasoning.


We're not only here to help you eliminate harmful pests, but also to educate you about these fascinating little creatures. Keep reading below for some interesting tidbits about insects!

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Some buggy facts

  • The ladybug is the Delaware state bug.

  • The atlas moth, one of the largest silk moths, can be mistaken for a medium-sized bat when flying.

  • Praying mantises are among the few insects which can rotate their heads so that they can literally look over their shoulders, making them extremely effective predators.

  • There are more than 300,000 species of beetles, making them the largest order of insects in the world.

  • A cockroach can live up to 9 days without its head.

  • Ants are social insects and live in colonies which may have as many as 500,000 individuals.

  • Ants don't sleep.

Impress your friends with these interesting bug facts!