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Pest control service Pest control
Pest control service

Commercial pest control

Making a good impression on your customers is crucial to maintaining a good reputation and keeping the business flowing. Pest infestations are bound to turn customers off and away.


Prevent the loss of reputation and foot traffic to your business with pest control from Total Pest Solutions. We are flexible regarding your pest control needs and can come on a one-time basis or for regular maintenance to keep those pesky pests at bay. Prevention can be the key to saving money!


We are a locally-owned and operated business that is licensed and certified in four states. With 23 years of experience, you can trust your business to us!

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Versatility in pest control services

Our pest control services can be applied to all types of commercial and industrial business, including restaurants, organic food processing facilities, educational institutions, healthcare, warehouse and storage, small businesses, hotels and motels. We'll help you maintain a pristine property with our property management services so everyone will know you for your cleanliness!


Nowadays, with modern technology, your company's name can be ruined by just one bad review. Do everything in your power to make sure that your guests or customers feel safe and comfortable while visiting your business so they'll tell others about not only your great service, but impressive cleanliness as well!


Not only will you drive more business to your company, but you will also avoid paying costly prices in the future should pests overtake your property. With regular and affordable maintenance, you're actually saving money in the long-run since the integrity of your building won't be compromised.

Maintain an attractive and clean business property.

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Same day appointments available within 24 hours

Part of our service includes providing written reports to you as the business owner to help you maintain your cleanliness and stay pest free.

With our inspection we will advise you on what repairs or modifications are needed to prevent future infestation with the option to do it yourself or have us do it for you.