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Information about local pests

  • Bald-faced hornet: They live throughout North America and belong to a genus of wasps called "yellow jackets".

  • Box elder bug: They are found primarily on maple and ash trees and become household pests in autumn.

  • Carpenter ant: They reside both indoors and outdoors and prefer moist, decaying, and hollow wood.

  • Carpet beetle: These are also known as skin beetles and can cause millions of dollars in damage to property.

  • Yellow jacket: They are important predators of pest insects. They have lance-like stingers.

  • Cockroach: They live in a wide range of environments in the world since they have adapted readily.

  • Cat flea: They are one of the most abundant and widespread fleas in the world. Many species can be bitten by them.

  • Cluster fly: Although they are blowflies, they do not present health hazards. They favor inaccessible spaces.

  • House spider: These spiders are rarely known to bite. However, their bites are quite unpleasant.

  • Wolf spider: They are not aggressive but will bite if provoked. They are usually harmless to humans.

  • Yellow sac spider: Their bites are similar to wasp stings, but more severe. Some people can have strong reactions to bites.

  • Termite: They feed mostly on dead plant material and can cause serious structural damage to buildings.

  • House mouse: This small mammal lives in close proximity to humans. They have a strong musty smell.

  • Roof rat: They are common long-tailed rodents and have several colors. They are known to carry many diseases.

  • Norway rat: They are one of the most common and largest rats. They have a highly developed olfactory sense.

  • Bats: They are beneficial because they eat insects, but can become pests when they move into homes.

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