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The states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are considered to have heavy termite pressures. The best way to prevent infestations and devastating damage is to have protection before the pests can even enter.


When you choose Total Pest Solutions, we will carefully inspect critical control points. A termite's job is to find wood. They are living underground, the only way to prevent them from coming inside is to pretreat or do regular inspection to detect them before they do a lot of damage.  


Your garage can also be a great place for pests to go undetected since they are generally cluttered with stored items. Attics are also places that are usually cluttered and rarely touched, which lets termites in easily.

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We will inspect your bathrooms even if they're new, since they all have moisture problems that can attract termites.


Mulch beds are an especially problematic area since they provide favorable habitats for termites. While we're outdoors, we will also check your decks, roof, and gutters since they are all sources of dampness, which means ready food and water sources for termites.


The other places of your property that we will inspect are the foundation and the fireplace. The first 8 inches of your foundation should be cleared and visible for the inspection.


If termites are found in your home, we will work with you to come up with a customized treatment strategy using the best technology available. Not only will we remove the termites found, but we will also prevent further infestations. We have the best termite baiting system and traditional liquid termiticide products available.

Protect your home from significant damage from termites

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We are licensed to use all termite detecting system and liquid termite treatments to eliminate and prevent future termite infestation.


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